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Okiki is a movie streaming social app for African film, with a focus on Nollywood – the world’s third largest film industry.

De Charles is working with the Okiki team to increase the apps usage and relevance outside of Africa, and in doing so, spread increase the reach of contemporary African film.

Okiki exists to provide a platform for the many fans of African film – especially those of Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood – to view contemporary and classic movies in one place. Being a mobile app it allows users to watch their favourite movies on-the-go, and with its added social functions, film lovers in Africa and globally have the ability to interact through video and messages while enjoying content.

Quickly after the app’s launch, its extra social features alongside its content gained it a following among Nigerian university students. This piqued the attention of Nollywood stars who began interacting with fans on the Okiki platform, in particular using video to broadcast messages and hold question and answer sessions during the premiere of their new movies. Content aside, the founders engineered Okiki for it to address two significant African movie industry issues: piracy and the lack of distribution for amateur filmmakers.

According to some estimates, movie pirates take in approximately half of Nigeria’s movie industry revenue that totalled USD3 billion in 2015 according to Its ubiquity has even caused competition among pirates, who now burn more and more movies onto each disc, which dramatically lowers the quality and experience received by end consumers. Okiki’s founders, who themselves are developers based in Cambridge’s technology environment, implemented contemporary anti-piracy techniques when building their platform, which has given content producers on their platform better protection and the ability to analyse gathered data on their content’s consumption.

Additionally, recognising the increasing number of amateur producers of African film, Okiki’s team has developed and continue to develop the app with them in mind, providing an online platform where they can freely distribute amongst Africa’s popular mainstream content and better grow, acknowledge and interact with their viewership. Africa’s amateur filmmakers and their followers for the first time have the ability to enjoy a melting pot of ideas, with the Okiki platform hosting original short and feature-length content of up and coming filmmakers from across the globe.

Recognising the growing interest in African culture and film in the world’s cosmopolitan cities, Okiki sought De Charles to help them better capitalise on this trend. De Charles’ expertise and experience in developing and communicating cross-boundary ventures is helping grow Okiki’s global audience, in particular those from outside of the continent. De Charles is also implementing strategies and synergies to position the company more effectively as a global platform to be enjoyed by consumers of African film worldwide.

Recognising the growing interest in African film in the world’s cosmopolitan cities, Okiki seeks to capitalise on this trend and bring African culture to new audiences.

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